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More of Nguyen Phan Chanh's paintings identified (November 17, 2003)
 In around 140 completed paintings of Vietnam’s famous painter Nguyen Phan Chanh, there are now only about 50 of these in Vietnam. About two third of his paintings are now still somewhere around the world. His family does not know clearly about them. But recently, some of these paintings have been found.
Lai Xa village gets Recognition for photography role in Vietnam (November 09, 2003)
 The photographic occupation has existed in Lai Xa village, Hoai Duc district, Ha Tay northern province for more than 100 years. The locality has recently been recognised the traditional photographic village.
Vietnamese sculpture retains longevity (July 07, 2003)
 Located in the South East Asian region, Vietnam’s sculpture is naturally much influenced by the two major civilizations of China and India.
Vietnam’s Photography - a half century of growth (April 26, 2003)
 Vietnam's Photographers' Association has just celebrated its 50th anniversary and received the Ho Chi Minh Order, one of the highest distinctions conferred by the State in recognition of the Association’s achievements obtained during the two wars of resistance and national development.
A turning point for Vietnam's contemporary sculpture (April 7, 2003)
By Nguyen Quan - Hochiminh City, 06/ 1998
 This question is often raised: Where is Vietnamese contemporary sculpture? Does it actually exit? Truly, with 200 painting exhibitions annually held at home and tens of arts display abroad, hundreds of galleries of all kinds mushrooming in towns and cities, and the preponderance of painting even in museums and art collections and its boom during the recent decade, such a question about sculpture - painting’s Fellow art - sounds quite reasonable.
Women, the symbol of beauty (Feb 06, 2003)
 Long before the general uprising in August 1945, Vietnam’s fine arts circle as well the French art lovers had known Luong Xuan Nhi as a talented painter. He also resolutely fought against the French colonialists’ policy of obscurantism.
Do Tam drums up thunderous trade (Jan 28, 2003)
 In the drum-making village of Doi Tam, there are two conflicting legends about when percussion first came to the town but everyone agrees that his name was Sam (Thunder).
Exalting in the glories of a humble master (Dec 23, 2002)
 His gait was crooked, yet firm. His greying beard, thick near-sighted glasses and unadorned garb were deceiving, veiling an authoritative presence that rebounded with each of his steady steps.
Contemporary Vietnamese art during Doi Moi (Nov 19, 2002)
By Tran Thi Huynh Nga
 With the advent of Doi Moi (new change or renovation), Vietnamese fine art has been developing rapidly. After the end of the American War in 1975 until 1986 (when Doi Moi was implemented) the art community was stagnant partly because of a shortage of materials, but especially because of a dearth of new ideas. After 1986 artists were allowed to paint about wide variety of topics and in different styles which combined with the influx of tourism created a greatly revitalized art scene. The result was a tremendous gust of creativity sweeping through the country as studios and then galleries began appearing throughout the cities.
A glimpse of contemporary vietnamese art
By art critic Duong Tuong, 2000
 It is not very long since Vietnamese art in general and contemporary Vietnamese art in particular emerged from unrecognition - I'd rather say anonymity - to have its say on the world's art scene. For a long period, scholars and researchers in the West were prone to dismiss Vietnamese culture as a wan replica of Chinese or a mishmash of French-Chinese-Indian cultures

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Vietnamese Art News, Events, exhibitions

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